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Tints Of History - 2,5 million years of history in 25 colors


What if you had to pick only one colour to represent a historic event? "Tints of History" is a time-travel book that lets you see 2,5 million years of history in 25 colors. 

Perhaps it’s the influence of my work as a graphic designer, but when I think about a particular time or place in history, there’s always one or two colors that come to mind. This is what I want to share with you in this book: The matching of one color and one particular moment in history.

The book has 62 pages. Softcover, sewn binding, with a "soft touch" finish  Designed and printed with love on sustainable paper in Brussels.


The book(s) will be shipped flat by priority mail in a reinforced envelope. There is no tracking number. Orders are not shipped to PO boxes.

Special thanks to The Pickles for the gorgeous pictures.